february days are good for nothing but split lips

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"I hate you right back!"

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Is it bad that my brain read this to the tune of Harder Better Faster Stronger…?

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Things to buy some day when I have a job that actually pays decently: Sugarpill eyeshadows.

(Side note for anyone else who isn’t pale but loves bright eyeshadow: use a white primer - NYX eyeliner pencil in Milk is a good, cheap one - underneath, and colors will show up brightly even on dark skin tones!)

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My mom tried to grow a lemon tree here in rainy Washington state.

im laughing so hard im crying over this tiny ass lemon


Barely perceptible knowing smirks turn me on.

I can’t think of much that I hate more than sleeping.

Being unconscious is the most vulnerable feeling. I hate knowing that, at any moment, I could be missing something that I desperately need to protect myself from

I occasionally post funny things as I run across them.

Just because I’m a little bundle of neuroses, that doesn’t mean I can’t be a little bit fun c: